The World of Fourtruss Jewelry

Welcome to the world of Fourtruss Jewelry, we are excited to be launching our brand! To kick things off, we are introducing you to the inspiration for the brand, the symbolism, and the story behind our unique designs. Our jewelry aims to create aspiration for success and the relationships that surround them. Let’s dive in.

Fourtruss Jewelry Signature

The essence of Fourtruss is shared bonds and experience between inspirational men and women. The success is defined by your personal and professional milestones that could center around sport, creation, entrepreneurship, and activism and more. At Fourtruss, we encourage celebrating your heroes and self-rewarding to enable you to go further and be more in life.

When conceptualizing our brand, we wanted to ensure the name and branding represent its strong purpose and signature being strength, success, and connection. We chose the name Fourtruss as it combines two important elements, a truss and fortress. A truss is a foundational structural element in architecture and engineering. It facilitates incredible strength by combining individually weak elements to create a strong structure. A fortress is a tough and edgy representation of how when working in unison, people are stronger together. We see both truss and fortress as core to strength, success and connection and therefore created an amalgamation of the two words for our brand name.

Unique and Strong Design

At Fourtruss, we see jewelry as a way to express your creativity, celebrate your uniqueness and success, and signify the important relationships in your lives. When designing our initial collections, we were inspired by three different principles, trusses, structures, and celebrations.

In line with our branding and logo, we designed signature truss inspired jewelry that is a celebration of the bonds in life via our loving relationships and those earned through professional success. Our structures collection pays homage to the extraordinary architectural designs throughout history that have shaped our modern society and lifestyle. And finally, our sharable collection are a symbol of strength and beauty amplified by the special relationships in our lives. These are created to be shared with others as a meaningful representation of supportive and uplifting experiences and love.

Symbol for Relationships and Success

At the core of Fourtruss Jewelry is a desire to celebrate the important relationships and successes in our lives with symbolic jewelry that can be worn daily. These relationships could include best friends, friends and colleagues, families and couples, and self-rewarders. Fourtruss Jewelry is carefully designed and created with the most durable and high-quality gold and silver to be enjoyed for a lifetime. With styles for both men and women, with an overall strong, edgy, modern, and individual aesthetic, you’ll find the perfect statement for yourself or your hero.


Explore our collections [] to find the perfect gift for a hero in your life or to celebrate yourself. We hope you’ve learned something new about Fourtruss, if you have any questions about our brand or collections, please feel free to comment below.

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